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Recent Activity 2011-13

CeT Services Ltd has a great reputation for training the novice/elderly user. One lady recently realised she would soon be bedridden for a while, and then only moving with some difficultly, after an operation. An ideal time to learn about the internet she thought, through a neighbour, she contacted ourselves. She had never touched a computer before, but once we had supplied her broadband, setup her internet and supplied her laptop, after 4 lessons of about 20 minutes each, she was underway and sending her first emails, and browsing the internet. She will need several short lessons more yet, but with our remote access service she only has to call us, we can connect and give her a few more minutes training , "drip feed training" we call it. This lady is towards the younger end of the age range for our customers, she is only 78 years young.


Recently a gentleman living in a stone cottage wanted some help, he was quite knowledgeable with his laptop, but having problems getting wireless coverage in his home. His wife wanted to watch the BBC iPlayer but the signal kept breaking up. We came to their home, did a thorough survey and made some tests, all for free. We then provided a written quote for what could be done. Within a couple of weeks, we had delivered the kit, installed it and tested it to prove that they got what they paid for. The gentleman was so pleased,  he decided to have a new laptop from us for his wife.  Want to know more?


During the last few months we have been able to help  a number of Small to Medium Enterprises. Many of them have System Servers and networks they don't understand, and the original IT people or companies are no longer available. Leaving the company very vulnerable to a major failure. Within a few weeks, we have been able to change the network structure to something simpler and understandable, with full backup and security and some very significant cost savings. This is achieved by installing modern effective systems that are simple and robust.  


CeT Services Ltd has exceptional contacts in the telecommunications industry, this enables us to have the most up to date information regards the roll out of Broadband and Fibre to the Cabinet in the UK and the cheapest broadband rates (from 5.99 pm for a 20Mb connection, or 19.99 for an unlimited Fibre connection at 78Mb download).


All our installations are fully protected from Internet hacking by the inclusion of a free router with embedded firewall , Wireless Security and other comprehensive security features. All routers are fully self installing, plug it in and go and have a cuppa, when you come back you will be fully connected.


Partner Program

2002 November, CeT Services become a registered partner for Dell Products.

2003 April, CeT Services becomes a Reseller for Plusnet Broadband in the UK

2004 May Malcolm Collins (our senior Engineer and partner) obtained Chartered IT Professional status with bcs The Chartered Institute for IT.

2005 July CeT Services becomes a Limited company are an ICT Supplier in the East Midland Development Agency's database of suppliers.

2008 June CeT Services Ltd commenced providing a full remote support service using Netviewer technology. Enabling us to provide software repairs and upgrades without having to visit customers homes.

2011 May CeT Services Ltd replaced Netviewer with Citrix GoTo Manager, this enables us to provide a fully "unattended remote support service". You just book a date/time when you would want you computer serviced, leave the machine powered on either in the day whilst you are at work or during the evening, and we will completely service the software on the machine, bringing it up to date with all service patches upgrades etc.


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