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Welcome to CeT Services Ltd here you will get a truly Personal, Professional Computer system and or Broadband/Network service.

CeT Services Ltd was formed in 1987 and supplies a wide range of systems and services to homes & Small to Medium Enterprises throughout the UK.

In 2007 we celebrated 20 years of operation, although we have almost twice that length of experience in Computing, Networking and Telecommunications.

As suppliers of PC's and Broadband services, our philosophy is only the best equipment and services at the very best prices.

We like to think our service is unique. We spend time with our customers, ensuring  their PC does what they want. We have a pragmatic approach, with "no waffle" and we are Chartered Professional members of the bcs The Chartered Institute for IT.

Many of our customers are novice or elderly users, who require simple, easy to use computer's . We are happy to visit/contact a customer a number of times gradually upgrading/updating to allow a customer time to understand what is being done to there computer or the training they are being given. Together with our Remote Support capability, we are just a phone call away, so whenever you need a little help, one call to us, we take control of your PC, and then show you what to do, we then watch to make sure you understood and are underway again.

We specialise in Networked Homes, using a single secured Broadband service into the home or office to bring all PC's together, desktops, laptops, smart phones and games consoles, wired or wireless. Permitting them to share files, videos, photo's & music and more importantly, enabling these PC's to backup to one another over the networked service.

We deliver PC's fully unboxed, setup, configured and ready for use. We offer a fully remote support service, as well as virus/spyware cleaning, system vetting and upgrade assessment.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a visit.

Please do not just go for what looks like the cheapest Broadband/Computer, read this BBC article to understand why it is quality of service that counts as well as price.

With CeT Services Ltd, a high quality personal service, at a good price, is what you will get.

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